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An evolution of miniquad design

From Soma, the creator of the Warpquad, comes an exciting new line of FPV miniquads. Taking the design principles and philosophy behind his existing acrobatic designs, the Alien range of 4", 5" and 6" frames take performance to a new level!


ImpulseRC Alien Carbon Core

Carbon Core

Arms key together centrally and distribute forces of impact across all twelve bolts.

ImpulseRC Alien High Powered

High Powered

Premium 4oz copper gold plated power distribution board.

ImpulseRC Alien Light Ring

Light Ring

The ten super bright rear RGB LEDs are all that your competitors will see.

ImpulseRC Alien X Frame

X Frame

Unique geometry centralises the mass for optimum balance and unmatched handling.

ImpulseRC Alien Antenna Clamp

Antenna Clamp

Dedicated antenna tube mounts, angled outwards and backwards, gives maximum reception in fast flight.

ImpulseRC Alien Quality Hardware

Quality Hardware

Super lightweight fasterners in anodised 7075 - T6 heat treated USA made aluminium.

ImpulseRC Alien Intelligent


2-4S powered LED controller operates standalone or with Cleanflight input.

ImpulseRC Alien Box Section

Box Section

Carbon reinforced fuselage adds strength and rigidity.

ImpulseRC Alien Camera Tilt

Camera Tilt

Integrated mechanism supports up to 35 degrees tilt in precise 5 degree increments. No props or frame in view at any tilt angle.

2015 Drone Nationals

1st place - Individual race - Chad Nowak - 6" Alien

1st place - Team race - Chad Nowak - 6" Alien

1st place - Freestyle - Chad Nowak - 5" Alien

ImpulseRC Alien 2015 Drone Nationals Winning Frame

Chad's winning 5" Alien prototype

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The Alien frames are now available for pre-order!

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